The incident has drawn responses on both ends of the specturm

29 Aug 2014 06:46

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The incident has drawn responses on both ends of the specturm. On Mommyish, Maria Guido asserted that Habat should not have tagged the school in her post. “Sorry you have to find a new preschool, but this is really your own fault,” she wrote.On TheStir, Lisa Fogarty said she hopes the school forgives and forgets.

“I feel awful for her little boy — it's terrible to rip him away from his friends and teacher because of a dumb thing his mother wrote on Facebook,” Fogarty wrote, adding, “And I wish the school, particularly because I assume it believes in Christian values m-shoesbox— one of which is forgiveness — would have at least given Habat a warning before taking such an extreme measure.”On its website, Sonshine Christian Academy describes itself as “a thriving, Christ-Centered Academy providing academic excellence through the saving knowledge of Jesus Christ, equipping each student to make an impact in our community and the world."

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