Roberta Wilfong is a member of the Leadington church

18 Aug 2014 06:45

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Roberta Wilfong is a member of the Leadington church, located at 218 Woodlawn Dr. She first became familiar with Operation Christmas Child around five years ago.She remembers thinking what a “neat” ministry the shoe box program seemed to be.

“You see all those kids with the boxes….it’s just wonderful,” Roberta said.

She brought her church on board about three years ago. Last year, the congregation met the goal set for the number of boxes collected.This year, Roberta will serve as the relay center coordinator during shoe box collection week.“I told (the congregation) ‘m-shoesbox is a good thing’ and the church got on board with it. We’re excited,” she said. “We are excited. It’s never too early to start getting ready.”

The Farmington location is scheduled to serve as both a relay and collection center – the first collection center in this area.

Sharon Rich was asked by the Wilfong’s to serve as the collection center coordinator. Working with Rich to head-up the Farmington location is Cindy Myers.Rich said learning about the lack of school supplies made an impact on her decision to pack a shoe box.

“In hearing about the school supplies and learning how the children oversees don’t get to attend school unless their parents can provide school supplies….to think (purchasing school supplies) is all it takes to send that child to school,” Rich said. “Each child is then given the opportunity to hear the Gospel presented…..there is no better way to spread the Gospel than this.”

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